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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

For Catering Service


What is minimum and maximum of number of people we cater for?

We can cater parties with minimum 15 people and up to 250 people.


What Quantity will come?

Each Starter will be 3 pcs per person
✅ You can add more starters after booking
✅ Main course sent in sufficient quantity
✅ However, if you want extra food, speak to us on the given number 


What all is included ?

We send premium bone-china plates & cutlery
✅ Service Staff does the Setup and Clean-up
✅ Food Warmers

✅ Cheffing Dishes

✅ Serving Trays
✅ Tables to be provided by the host
✅ Setup doable on Dining Tables, Any Table, Kitchen Top 


Any other T&Cs?

Service Time is 3.5 hours from service start time
✅ Additional hours @ 250/- per person per hour
✅ Transportation is free up to 10KMs
✅ No messy kitchen or cleaning hassle for you
✅ Food comes pre-cooked from our kitchen
✅ Food is served hot in food warmers and cheffing dishes

For Tiffin Service

What is the minimum order per household or PG?

✅ 4 plates minimum.

How many variety of dishes are provided?

✅ 20 different dishes atleast, per month.

When does delivery take place?

✅ Orders are delivered by 1 pm, daily. If you have subscribed for dinner tiffin service, it will be delivered at 1 pm only.

What kind of packaging do we use?

✅ Orders are packaged safely in a thali, with a lid on top. We ensure that no spillage will take place.


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